Property Management


When my mother, Jean von Schilling, bought and renovated a cottage in Warm Springs in 1985, Clarkson & Wallace entered the Property Management business. Since then, we have represented over a 100 homes and farms for all aspects of property care:

· Annual leases · Vacation rental marketing · Landscape maintenance · Snow removal · Alarm and winter monitoring · Housekeeping and arrival preparation · Repair and service facilitation

We offer individual services as you need them, and will provide an annual package of services matching your property’s specific needs. All of our property management team members are OSHA certified.

Enrolling your home in our Vacation Rental Program can offer meaningful income to support the care of our property. Clarkson & Wallace has represented the largest selection of rental options for over 30 years. Contact Ryan Hodges for more information on our rental program.

Our goal is to offer you any support you need in acquiring, insuring, enjoying, and caring for your home in Bath and Highland Counties.