Living in Bath and Highland County offers us such a variety of things to see, hear, smell, and enjoy. We hope to share some of this while also updating you on interesting topics in the Real Estate market up here. Sometimes it’s an interesting piece of local history connected to a property for sale. Other times a nesting eagle, unusual wildflower on a walk, the sound of a woodcock mating call or a float in the Christmas Parade. We invite you to join in with windows into the things you find wonderful about our mountain home.

Bald Eagles

I can imagine that for younger people seeing a bald eagle does not seem like such a big deal. Eagle populations have recovered well with protection and the elimination of

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Mountain Snow

It’s about time! We didn’t see much snow last year so yesterday’s 8” was welcome. It snowed hard all morning and everyone was out on a walk. The sun came

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Winter is Here

  It’s official. After temperatures in the teens all day and a low of zero degrees, we usher in winter. Although we now are committed to keeping our wood stoves

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Winter is Coming

Frost is a funny thing in our mountainous terrain. Gardens on top of Warm Springs Mtn will produce into November while gardens down on the Jackson River Valley had three

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Fall’s First Colors

    While the mountain are still green and lush, there are a few early flushes of color letting us know that Fall is already here and there’s no going

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The Running of the Calves

Some people say adjusting to country life takes time and isn’t for everyone. Both statements could certainly be true but we believe that such adjustment does not suffer from a lack

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