Tucked in at Night


The landscape of Bath and Highland counties certainly invoke pleasant descriptions of which “unique” is readily applied.



During this time of year, I find it easiest to understand how this unique landscape provides us not only a favorable summer climate in general but also a variety of microclimates found in close proximity. During the summer evenings a blanket of fog and moisture fill the valleys resulting in temperature drops as much as 20-40 degrees. Upon waking up, the river valley appears socked in as if it was a cool morning on the coast. As the morning sun returns warmth from above, the Jackson River Valley’s blanket slowly rises, flowing up through the gaps of Little Mountain and spilling into the higher elevated Warm Springs Valley. Depending on the morning, you often can witness this rise and even feel the temperature differences it provides. 

Although it is not like this every day here in the summer, the weather does remain agreeable and provides a luxury of comfort compared to lower elevations. These summer conditions along with the therapeutic qualities of the thermal springs have always attracted vacationers and second home owners for hundreds of years.