Property Highlight: 192 acres – Wimer Mountain Road



Amongst the natural beauty of Bath and Highland counties, it is easy to find truly stunning landscapes. This 192 acre property is no exception. Beyond its sweeping views over Highland County’s iconic Bluegrass Valley, the property features one of the area’s most unique rock formations: Devil’s Backbone

This near vertical outcrop prominently forms the southern end of Wimer mountain, cresting over 3800′ in elevation and nearly dropping to the South Branch of Potomac River below.  With strong patterns of wind, the Devil’s Backbone is a common haven for an assortment of large raptors, most importantly the elusive Golden Eagle. Although sightings are rare amongst the Appalachians, many site this ridge as a location for Gold Eagles as they cover large swathes of territory. 

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192 Acres – Wimer Mountain Road