Social Distancing in the Natural World

Suppose you were forced to self-isolate, shelter-in-place, and wanted to choose a place safe from viral black snakes or other merchants of doom. You also wanted to stay in the area you loved and have lived in for several years. You thought you should choose a place close to the grocery store. Maybe you wanted a view or the comforting sound of a river as well.

Add in one more factor….you are a female Flycatcher. I found the perfect place.

During the Stay At Home Order we’ve been celebrating sunset each day by the river at the Cave Pool on the Jackson River. Over the past few weeks we’ve seen the flycatchers feeding on big March Brown mayflies hatching from the river.

I shared the Flycatcher’s story with Mary and we started to see one perch in a perfect notch in the cliff face; circled in the first picture. Last evening we saw that she had built a nest in this perfect spot: safe, a view, supper close at hand.

We are all so lucky to build our nests in Bath County.