Living in Bath and Highland County offers us such a variety of things to see, hear, smell, and enjoy. We hope to share some of this while also updating you on interesting topics in the Real Estate market up here. Sometimes it’s an interesting piece of local history connected to a property for sale. Other times a nesting eagle, unusual wildflower on a walk, the sound of a woodcock mating call or a float in the Christmas Parade. We invite you to join in with windows into the things you find wonderful about our mountain home.

Morels are Where You Find Them

April and May are the first months that I find one of the few mushroom species I feel comfortable in identifying on my own and eating. Morels are often the most sought

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Oxygen Deficiency Delights

I suppose that everyone sees unusual things on the way to work in the morning. It’s mostly woods and fields between home and work for me so it’s animals, plants

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